Former Sony executive, Gio Corsi announced on his Twitter page that he will be joining the team at IllFonic as their new Chief Product Officer.

Gio Corsi is best known for his role at Sony (as Senior Director, Third Party Production & Developer Relations and Head of Second Party Games) in which he has gotten up many E3 and game event stages to present to us all. Back in November, he finished his tenure at Sony and confirmed that he will be returning to games after a much-needed break. Well, that day has come as he will now make games for IllFonic.

IllFonic is best known for their work on the Friday the 13th game and are working with publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment to release Predator: Hunting Grounds this year. We all wish Gio Corsi the best of luck in his new position and remember him fondly as the PS Vita’s greatest hype man.

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Source: Gio Corsi Twitter

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