Gorn for PS VR is a couple of days away from completion, the release date is still unclear. The community and brand manager from Free Lives Terrance Mentor explained that the game will still have to go through Sony’s certification process to get the game to available across all regions.

People will be very excited to play the game once it comes on PS VR because it was a huge hit on other VR platforms.

“We know that you guys are super excited to play the game, we’re excited for you to play the game, but we just need a little bit more patience, if that’s okay”

Terrance Mentor, Community and Brand Manager at Free Lives.

Gorn is on Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index, and Windows Mixed Reality. PS VR and Oculus Quest versions are coming in the future, but we are still unclear about the release date for either one.

Source: uploadvr.com

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