To no surprise, Nintendo dominated the Japanese console market in 2019. MCV reported that Famitsu’s annual sales saw that both the Switch and Switch Lite, as two of the most popular hardware options, resulting in almost 76% of all hardware sales in Japan for the year.

The introduction of the Switch Lite in September brought life to Nintendo’s sales numbers which then also helped Nintendo outpace Sony for 2019, Nintendo’s closest competitor for the year.

The Switch was estimated to reach about 3.45 million sales in 2019, which is about 34,000 units shy of their 2018 performance. That was until the Switch Lite hit the market. This new unit introduction resulted in sales of 1.05 million in just three months of availability, resulting in a year-over-year unit sale increase of 29% for the Switch family.

Sony saw their PS4 sale about 774,000 units, along with an additional 422,000 sales of the PS4 Pro model. Year-over-year unit sales dropped 29% for the PS4 family.

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