The ESRB rating for Re:Mind has confirmed that the DLC will feature blood, drinking alcohol, and swearing, all something not present in the original game. The rating was featured in the concert video preview 2.

The 2019 JRPG won’t be too kid friendly, although it still received an E10+ rating despite having pretty big differences. Disney must’ve approved of these additions, which is showing that they’re open to more mature content, even if it has Mickey, Goofy, and Donald Duck in it. The reason I say this is the ESRB’s idea of “mild swearing” includes things along the lines of “bitch”, “ass”, and “shit”. Hell isn’t considered under this, meaning that a character will actually say something that is out of place.

Kingdom Hearts III’s original rating:

Re:Mind’s rating:

Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind launches on January 23rd on PS4 and February 25th on Xbox One.

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