Update: HTC China confirms Left 4 Dead 3, will be multiplatform.

Original story: Valve News Network’s Tyler McVicker, the highly credible Valve reporter has received concept art from Left 4 Dead 3’s 2011-2012 assets. This comes as a surprise given those are 8-9 year old assets that are only being shown now from the canceled game.

Thankfully, it seems to have restarted development post Half-Life: Alyx’s response was positive. SteamVR and Source 2 both have code from the series available in it, so it’s highly likely we will see the title become finished. With Team Fortress 2 developers and Campo Santo both moved to Alyx development, there might only be a single team working on the project.

There is a high chance [Valve] will be pulling Left 4 Dead 3 out again – and they may already have done that. I have word that there were a few major meetings that took place almost immediately after the trailer for Half-Life: Alyx dropped that essentially caused everybody internally at Valve to change everything about their future plans for virtual reality, public communication, and game development in general.

A look at the concept art can be seen here:

The Valve Index has completely sold out from Half-Life: Alyx, so it’s unseen to what the impact of Left 4 Dead 3 could have for the headset. The project is VR only as of now, but could come to console and PC like originally planned.

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