Take control of a cat and traverse many a landscape in this adorable platformer. It will release sometime in 2020 on PS4, Xbox One and PC via Steam. A project which began life at an Unreal Game Jam and now it will recieve a full release from Burgos Games. The game will be fully playable at PAX 2020 in Texas, so be sure to watch out for it there.

Here’s what Founder of Burgos Games, Victor Burgos had to say abouut the game in a press release.

Neko Ghost, Jump! was originally conceived as a prototype during an Unreal Engine game jam, and after five days it was clear that we were onto something special. So I kept at it, hired a handful of contributors, and it’s finally turned into something more ambitious than I ever imagined. I can’t wait to share it with the rest of you later this year!”

Of course, here’s a further explanation of the game from Burgos Games themselves.

Neko Ghost, Jump! is a puzzle platformer that tasks players with switching between 2D and 3D planes as they guide Nekoman on an epic quest to rescue his kidnapped friends and family from the dastardly Space Pirate Dog Boss and his minions. This odyssey will take Nekoman across several biomes ranging from grassy plains, to snowy tundras, to sweltering deserts and beyond. Along the way you’ll have to not only switch between 2D and 3D planes, but also to your spirit form to take out any baddies along the way as you guide Nekoman through a series of entertaining yet challenging obstacles!

Neko Ghost, Jump! will run the gamut from an accessible family friendly affair to a devious challenge for more masochistic players. Each stage will rank you on speed, while collecting coins will cut some time off your counter. Blast through each level to ascend the leaderboards and prove your worth as the fastest feline on the prowl! Shedding seconds of the clock isn’t all coins are good for, as you can also use them to customize your Nekoman’s appearance. Give him sweet specs, a dapper hat, or some shiny bling. It’s up to you hepcats!

The game looks very interesting and the persepctive shift could really implement some interesting gameplay elements, you can view a trailer below from October to have a closer look at what Neko Ghost, Jump! is all about.


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