• Developer: Vertex Pop
  • Publisher: Vertex Pop
  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PC
  • Price: $14.99
  • Release Date: January 16th, 2020
  • Date reviewed: January 16th, 2020
  • Reviewed on: PC
  • Review copy provided: Yes

Super Crush KO is the newest game from Vertex Pop (developers of Graceful Explosion Machine and We Are Doomed). The game is a 2D platformer that combines beat-em-up combat with run n’ gun action along with a beautiful, near future, neon backdrop. Combine that with some fun characters and an amazing cat, you end up with an extremely fun game that I can’t stop playing.

In Super Crush KO you play as Karen, a normal girl who’s just relaxing at home with her cat Chubbz (who is perfect in every single way) when suddenly robots start invading. An alien breaks into your home, admires Chubbz, then takes them away. It’s up to you to rescue Chubbz, so zip up your favorite neon jacket and fight though hordes of robots in an AI apocalypse to rescue them. Oh, and save the world I guess, who cares Chubbz is more important.

A very simple premise but that’s all it really needs. Since there isn’t a lot of story there also aren’t a lot of cutscenes. There is a small handful but they are able to add some fun to the game. The writing is funny and it makes the few characters really pop. This game has only three characters but I love them all (especially Chubbz) and seeing them interact, while it didn’t happen a lot, was a delight to watch. Also the game has a couple cutscenes that are presented in a very cool comic book style that I wish we could’ve seen more of. There isn’t a lot, but the small story that is there is made better by some fun writing, some cool art, and obviously some great gameplay.

We must rescue Chubbz

Nonstop action

The highlight of Super Crush KO is its gameplay. It combines fast beat-em-up combat with run n’ gun action, and prioritizes stylish combos. Does that sound fun? Yes. Is it fun? Extremely. Seriously this game is so much fun, each level throws wave after wave of robots at you that you can fight anyway you want. Do you want to prioritize fighting from a distance with your blaster, and using special moves when that reloads? Do you prefer to be in the face of danger and use basic combos to get through it all? Do you want to mix up the two? You can play anyway you want, just as long as you kill the robots. This game gives you a plethora of options when it comes to kicking robot ass, all you have to do is use them. The game gives you a simple dodge, double jump, gun, punches, and special moves. Your gun uses ammo that refill over time, don’t use it too much or it will overhear. You also have a special meter that lets you do special moves that inflict more damage, but can only be used if you have enough meter. The game also gives you a beam that takes up a good chunk of the screen that takes some time to charge, but when it does it can really save you.

The game also has a ranking system based on what it calls style points. The more you can keep your combo going the more points you get and at the end of each level you get a rank. The ranks are D, C, B, A, S, and S+. The only way to get S+ is if you beat the level with a high score while fulfilling some requirements. If you can beat the level under a certain time, not use any continues, not take any hits, and get the required amount of perfect combos then you will get an S+. Each level also has sections that just hit you with endless waves of enemies. If you can beat these sections without getting hit, or letting your combo die you will get a perfect combo. Each level has a couple of these sections and they can get difficulty, but they are also a lot of fun. The gameplay combined with the ranking system is so addicting that I keep replaying each level trying to get an S+. I actually keep taking breaks from writing this to play the game it’s that fun. If this review doesn’t go up on time, it’s cause I can’t stop trying to S+ or top the leaderboard on each level.

The requirements to get an S+

The design

Another aspect Super Crush KO nails is its look. The game has a bright and colorful neon aesthetic that really pops, and the character design is pretty great. The backgrounds and enemy designs really pop as well but start blending together after a while. I do like the art and designs but at times everything does start to fell the same. Although even when that does happen, it doesn’t really hurt the game in anyway as it’s still a lot of fun to play and look at. The same could be said for the music. I do enjoy the music and it’s fun to listen to while playing, but no tracks really stood out to me. I really like the title screen music, as I think it sets the stage for the game fairly well though. The music is very poppy and fits with the whole aesthetic very well. I do like the overall look and sound of the game, even if sometimes it takes a step back to the gameplay.

One criticism I do have about the game is it’s length. The game is pretty short and can be beat in a couple hours. Now this isn’t me saying that’s a bad thing, the amount replay value this game has is pretty big and feels appropriately priced. I just had so much fun with it that I wanted more. When I beat the game and saw the credits roll, I wasn’t upset, I just wanted to play more. At that point I quickly went to replay the levels and still had a lot of fun. Again this isn’t really a problem, it’s just me wanting more. I would love to see more levels in updates or DLC, this game is just that fun.

I want that jacket

A vibrant end

Super Crush KO is a blast from beginning to end. From it’s amazing gameplay to it’s fun world I just can’t get enough of it. Even as I finish up this review I can’t stop playing it. Even if this game is a bit short, I can’t get enough of it. It also has Chubbz the best cat in the world so what else could you want. Now if you excuse me, I still have levels to S+.


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