WhiteMoon Dreams has confirmed to Jack of All Controllers that they are working on a new PS VR port of a game. Unfortunately, we don’t know what the port really is, however its nice to know that they aren’t giving up on VR. They’ll be using a “great IP”, which might mean that this could be a big name title. Even if it’s not, given the company’s history, it will be awesome.

VR developers definitely aren’t popping up left and right, so knowing that there are some sticking to the medium is always a bright sign. For example London Studio, Sony Interactive Entertainment’s premier VR studio isn’t going back to “normal”, or more so flat development. WhiteMoon Dreams has only mentioned PS VR, no other VR platforms were mentioned so we’re not sure if another developer might be working on those or not.

The studio has a great history with gaming, from co-developing Concrete Genie with PixelOpus to making StarBlood Arena with San Diego Studio, plus so many other titles. They are experienced, and that’s what makes me absolutely hopeful for their next port.

What’s interesting to note is we don’t know if this will come to PS5’s VR, PS4’s VR, or hell, both. Developers will definitely pick PS5’s VR for larger scale games, so it’ll be something we’ll have to look out for.

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