Around a week ago, various Sony Interactive Entertainment figure heads from Head of Worldwide Studios Hermen Hulst, head of PlayStation’s indie game initiative Shuhei Yoshida, Sucker Punch Productions Communications Manager Andrew Goldfarb, and others met up at San Francisco last week.

That’s a lot of Sony higher ups meeting for something special, however a source has told Jack of All Controllers that this is likely for the upcoming fiscal year and the budget everyone has, which the next fiscal year begins on March 1st, 2020. It is to be noted though that our source has said that he isn’t 100% sure, only that this is what he believes. He previously worked at Sony Interactive Entertainment for over 10 years, so his word is likely more realistic than speculation on Twitter as he likely been to these types of meetings.

If this wasn’t a get together for PS5, I’m wondering when, and if, Sony will have a grand unveiling. With the PS5 logo being the most liked game related post on Instagram in less then 48 hours, it’s pretty clear Sony doesn’t necessarily need a big stage event to market their unit.

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