GameStop Germany has listed the upcoming PS4 exclusive Deep Down, a collaboration between Capcom and Japan Studio, as a “working title”.

Announced in 2013 for as a dungeon crawler exclusively for PS4, the game didn’t get much of a showing after that except at Tokyo Game Show. Yeah, Capcom renewed the trademark here and there but everyone thought the game was dead, guess not.

It has been said that the game went through insane struggles during development, meaning Capcom and Sony felt it was really worth saving. Perhaps this’ll be a PS4 and PS5 cross-generation title?

Capcom is pleased to announce that it has decided to develop the first title, “deep down -working title-.” This title is to be developed using “Panta Rhei,” Capcom’s proprietary software development engine to provide the optimum game development environment for next-generation game consoles. “Panta Rhei” supports the latest graphics, enhances work flow to bring down development costs, and improves development efficiency in order to raise game quality.

Capcom via

Source: GameStop Germany

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