thatgamecompany’s first non-Sony title in over a decade launched first on iOS and iPadOS as a deal with Apple. Well, it later hit PC in July 2019 and then Android’s port will come by the end of February.

As for Sony and Nintendo’s machines, they’ll be available later this year with Cross-Play between both platforms. Unfortunately, an Xbox One version isn’t in the works as far as we know. Jenova Chen, Creative Director at thatgamecompany confirmed this all to MCV.

[O]ur game runs on iPad, on PC, it will run on console in the future. Android [should come] within a month. In the future, it’s going to cross all platforms. And whether you have PlayStation or Switch we will support crossplay.

Jenova Chen, Creative Director at thatgamecompany

thatgamecompany has a strong history of amazing titles, from Flower to Flow to Journey, the creative indie minds have never let anyone down. All of these games are available on PS3, PS4, PC, iOS, and Android. Flow and Flower are available on PS Vita too.

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