Immersive VR Education, publisher of various title across all current VR platforms, has said that Sony Interactive Entertainment plans on releasing PS VR 2 alongside PS5.

The PlayStation giant said that they don’t intend on releasing them at the same time, as that would be a lot on the consumer to purchase. Since October 2016, PS VR has surpassed 5 million units, that isn’t a lot and PS VR 2 numbers would look even less impressive if it launched out the gate with PS5 as well.

2020 will see Sony release the PlayStation 5 and a new version of the PlayStation VR headset (PSVR), which will further expand the high-end VR user base–the Group intends to support this device with its current suite of showcase software.

Immersive VR Education

Now, we know some of the features like 4K displays, wireless technology, 120 degree FOV, gaze tracking, and so much more from what PlayStation R&D was planning, however its unlikely that it would be ready for a true launch this year. PS VR will be supported on PS5, and that’s what we’ll have until Fall 2021 most likely.

Source: wccftech

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