A couple developers from the Half-Life: Alyx team held an AMA on reddit today. The team was a mix of different people working on the game, and people where encouraged to ask anything. Well anything besides story spoilers. During the AMA a couple of interesting things came out. It was confirmed, outside of some tweaks being done to the final scene, that the game was finished and being polished. Right now the team is on track to hit their intended release date meaning no delay is expected, so it does look like the game will release in March. It was also confirmed that roughly 80 people are working on Half-Life: Alyx, the single largest team ever had at Valve. One thing they revealed that really interested me was news on shipping a full Source 2 SDK. While they are not currently planning on shipping one, they would like to at some point. Since there is so much work that is going into Source 2, they have decided to spend more time polishing Alyx so they can hit the intended release date. More questions where answered, but I think I’ve shared what’s important. The AMA will be linked below if you want to read it, which I do recommend, because a lot is said. Also they confirmed there will be a train ride in Alyx, quite possibly the most importing thing to know right now.

Source: Reddit

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