Industry insider Emre Kaya, who usually just focuses on DC related content, has word that Sony Interactive Entertainment is working on a brand new horror IP.

While the studio is currently unknown, this might be the project Hideo Kojima is heading up at Kojima Productions. This might also be something one of Japan Studio’s teams is actually doing. With Project Siren releasing Gravity Rush 2 in early 2017, that leaves them to 3 years to make a title before it being announced.

Given the “horror” genre and what studios have a legacy with it, there’s not many that could be up to bat on this unless it’s a studio that normally doesn’t do these types of games. Until Dawn and Siren aren’t happening in regards to this as it’s a new IP, so really it could be anyone. Kojima-san did mention that he’s making a horror game next and Sony is extremely close with him.

I really hope it’s a PS5 exclusive and not on PS4 so that way we can see next generation gore and realism to freak us out. Best of luck to whoever is making this because achieving a truly scary game isn’t easy.

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