After launching on PS4, PS Vita, 3DS, Nintendo Switch, and PC, the Retro City Rampage spiritual successor Shakedown: Hawaii is coming to Wii U

Confirmation comes by way of the ESRB that rated the game for the platform just randomly.

Shakedown: Hawaii follows three protagonists through a 16-bit open world. Build your own “legitimate” corporation by completing missions, acquiring businesses, sabotaging competitors, “re-zoning” land, and shaking down shops for protection money.

Explore the island by foot, by car, or by boat. It’s filled with arcade challenges, sidequests, stores to shop at, houses to burgle, civilians to interact with, and secrets to discover.

You begin your adventure as an aging CEO, struggling to make sense of the modern world. Online shopping killed his retail stores, ride sharing his taxi business, and streaming his video stores. To save the company, he’ll need to learn the “methods” of modern business, and use them to rebuild his empire.

The entire island is up for grabs… or at least, could be with the right business model.


Expect a release date announcement soon if it’s already been rated.

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