Verizon has recently been partnering with companies such as Disney + and YouTube to offer deals when subscribing to their new services. Google is the newest addition to their partnership, offering a Stadia bundle for customers that subscribe to their new internet service, Fios.

These new subscribers will receive a free Google Stadia Premier Edition package- a Google Stadia Pro, Chromecast Ultra, Stadia controller, and a three-month subscription.

There are a few caveats to this deal, however. The promotion is only available to new Fios Gigabit subscribers who haven’t signed up for Google Stadia. If you cancel your Fios subscription within this trial period, your Stadia subscription will also end. Users that are not a fan of the Stadia can cancel the membership to save the reoccurring $9.99/month after the three-month trial period, and can keep the controller and Chromecast Ultra.

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