The very popular farming simulator by ConcernedApe has now reached a massive milestone of 10 million copies sold. Which is wonderful news for the developer.

There has been no official word about this from ConcerenedApe but the news does feature on the press page for Stardew Valley, the news may be announced officially soon so keep an eye out for that. The game first launched on PC on February 26th, 2016 and reached a million copies sold in only 2 months. The game added multiplayer in 2018 and it’s been pretty plain sailing ever since with the game coming to virtually every platform you could possibly want to play this game on including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendfo Switch, PC, iOS and Android. No VR version yet though I’m afraid. Maybe one day.

This is a massive success story with ConcernedApe self publishing the game, Elon Musk has even announced that the game will be playable in Tesla vehicles, which is pretty cool. The game is still receiving support as it got a rather hefty content update before Christmas with quality of life changes, bug fixes and end game content being added. With Animal Crossing: New Horizons being released in March hopefully that game doesn’t take too much of this game’s lunch and it continues to shine for years to come.


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