Ever since EA received the exclusive rights to create Star Wars games from Disney back in 2013 their relationship with the fans has been rocky to say the least but it seems that a fan favorite from long ago might be revived if the rumors are true. Cinelinx states that a source close to them has come forward to confirm that a remake of Knights of the Old Republic is coming, according to them this was first reported in 2015 but was put aside the next year by EA due to not actively pursuing the remake. Now Cinelinx states their source has returned to say the remake is back in full swing, but according to the source this remake is more along the lines of a sequel that grabs elements from the original games. While this all has to be taken with a grain of salt it does seem possible that EA would want to do something in the Old Republic series since the two games were a success and the MMORPG based on the series called Star Wars: The Old Republic has made around $1 billion in lifetime revenue.

Source: Cinelinx

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