Epic Games has released a patch for Fortnite that brings 120fps support to the 2018 iPad Pro. This is a complete left field shock, as many developers don’t optimize their games for the CPU or screen capabilities, rather just put their game at 60fps.

It comes at a downfall though, just like 60fps, settings are required to be dropped. However, that extra framerate for competitiveness, especially when in a part with console players that only can have up to 60fps is absolutely beneficial.

  • 30fps – Ultra
  • 60fps – High
  • 120fps – Medium

The 2018 iPad Pro lineup features Apple’s A12X processor, which is quite old now compared to when it first launched. While that might be true, it’s power is no slouch. It has the power of Xbox One S in the GPU department and crushes it in the CPU department. This is thanks to the 7nm build with 4 performance cores and 4 efficiency cores.

Here’s hoping more iPadOS games support 120fps in the future!

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