Reminiscing over his time at Sony Interactive Entertainment, Shawn Layden says one of his greatest achievements was acquiring Insomniac Games.

The former President and Chairman of Sony Interactive Entertainment America also wishes the studio nothing but greatness. As you all know, Insomniac Games is no stranger to making absolutely incredible games from The Legend of Spyro, Stormland, Resistance, Sunset Overdrive, Ratchet & Clank, The Unspoken, Marvel’s Spider-Man, and countless others. So to continue greatness after all those would just mean more awesomeness for us!

Insomniac Games was acquired in November 2019 by Sony Interactive Entertainment, adding them to the ever expanding Worldwide Studios. Since then, the powerhouse has dropped Strangelets on the Magic Leap One, seemingly their final non-PlayStation exclusive title. It’s unknown whether or not FaceBook still has more games contracted out for Oculus Studios and Insomniac, as Stormland might not be the last game from the pair. The studio also helped create Death Stranding, alongside several other Sony developers.

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