Top Hat Studios has striked a publishing deal with hiromu656 to bring the upcoming Thief’s Roulette to PS4 and PS Vita, this is on top of the original Nintendo Switch and PC versions already being announced.

PS Vita joins PC as platforms with the game coming out physically, as PS4 and Nintendo Switch versions will only be available digitally.

Thief’s Roulette takes place in a far off future Earth, where people are no strangers to android life, body augmentation or any of the other concepts of a high-tech society. Our characters live with it every day, to them its the way things have always been. That is simply the world they inhabit, and it all takes a back seat to the terrible events that the characters must face.

You awake in a strange place surrounded by unfamiliar faces. You have all been kidnapped and forced to compete for your lives in a series of challenges, hosted by a mysterious woman calling herself Lady Luck. She claims you have all been taken to her Casino. When the group is split into 3 Teams you learn the horrible truth of this game. To win means to sentence your opponents to death.

All 15 Strangers were chosen for a reason. Lady Luck proclaims them to all be thieves, liars and con men. All things she despises. For her, they will perform in a game of both trust and deception. To win you must deceive yet you must also work together. But in a room full of liars, who can you trust?

hiromu656’s description of Thief’s Roulette

Thief’s Roulette is coming to PS4, PS Vita, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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