Nintendo have been experimenting in the mobile market for quite a few years now. Some games have been more successful and one game in particular eclipses all the other games Nintendo have released for the platform if you look at it by player spends.

The biggest slice of pie goes to Fire Emblem Heroes with a whooping 61% ($656 million) of that $1 billion that Nintendo’s mobile games have generated. Considering Nintendo’s second biggest contributor is Animal Crossing with 12% ($131 million), that’s some going for Fire Emblem Heroes. Here is a chart (via Sensor Tower Store Intelligence) to give you an idea of how the games have done:

Super Mario Run released back in 2016 and was the game that Nintendo used to try and offer players a one-off price for a mobile game and not bombard them with micro-transactions. That plan didn’t seem to work too well and other games have taken over except Dr. Mario World. This arguably lead to stuff like the subscription in Mario Kart Tour, which offers things to players that should arguably be available in the first place. For $4.99 per month.

This stat is probably enough to assume that Nintendo will continue to explore the mobile market for many years to come. It’s unlikely if they will release an instalment to one of their main franchises on mobile. But that is probably a bridge too far. How often do you play games on mobile, all the time? Are Nintendo mobile games the only ones you do play? Or do you avoid the market altogether? Be sure to let us know!

Source: Sensor Tower, thanks for the tip Nibellion on Twitter!

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