Nintendo’s momentum is going so strong and so well that there’s no stopping it. Yesterday, Nintendo released their Q4 Financials for 2019 and words can’t describe how incredible this is. According to tweets detailed by Twitter user Stealth40K, the Switch has sold 10.81 million units during the Q4 of ’19, bringing it to a total of 52.48 million. Not only that but many of their software hit highs as well. One game being Pokemon Sword/Pokemon Shield. That game sold 16 million units in just 2 months alone. Two months. That is insane. If things continue as they are, the game will hopefully reach 20 million copies, surpassing the Generation 2 Pokemon games, Pokemon Gold/Silver.

As for the other games themselves, they have hit above expectations. Super Mario Maker 2 has sold 5 million units. The 2019 remake of The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening reached 4 million. Fire Emblem: Three Houses passed 2.5 million units while Astral Chain & Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 reached past a million units sold respectively. This is big as the Switch has been doing so well since it’s release in 2017. It’s insane. Absolutely insane. The Switch will probably be on pace to hit 100 million consoles sold. 2020 has only begun and the success of the Switch is only going to get better from here.

All information from this was detailed by Twitter user Stealth40K. It can be found here.

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