• Developer – Atlus
  • Publisher – Atlus
  • Originally released – July 10th, 2008
  • Available on – PS2, PS Vita (in “Golden” form)

Hoo boy. When I was asked to do a Rewind on this game, I instantly got anxiety as this is one of my favorite games of all time. And when I say that, I mean it. So, let me paint you a picture here: The year is 2007 and you just finished Persona 3 FES. You don’t think another Persona game will come out for a while, then that first trailer hits you. That trailer is so good at immediately showing you what the entire story is involved around: TV.

It’s a genius set-up. People have been disappearing and have appeared on this program called the “Midnight Channel” before being found dead the next day. You play as Yu Narukami. Yes, that is his official name. Yu just moved from the big city, most likely Shibuya, to a quiet town called Inaba, where you will live with your uncle and niece. The game starts off normally: go to high school, get called lame by your buck-toothed teacher, and stick your hand into a TV before getting sucked in. Y’know, normal stuff.

The combat and battle system in this game is similar to Persona 3, but adds some Quality of Life features like Direct Commands, allowing you to control what the other members in your party do. The battles are quick and feel like you’re accomplishing something each time you defeat a group of enemies. The remake, Persona 4 Golden, does add an extra dungeon and a new character but that doesn’t mean that P4G is better than P4. Both have their highs and lows.

This game has some of the best-written characters in any RPG I have ever played. When you have characters that are dealing with issues that most kids are dealing with now, it speaks volumes on how revolutionary these characters are. For example, you have a strong character that is dealing with his own masculinity because he knits and likes girly things. This is some of the fantastic writing from the team at Atlus. You also have another character that at first, looks like a man but is then revealed to be a girl. The entire plot flips on its head when you look at these characters. And the music… Don’t even get me started.

The music in the Persona games are amazing but this game has some of the best field music in any game I have ever played. “Signs Of Love” and “Heartbeat, Heartbreak” are two of my favorite tracks from this game. Some of the dungeon music like “Heaven”, I still play on my playlist heading to school. The music in this game is some of my favorite in the series. It also shows you how much people enjoy the songs when you make a rhythm game involved around the songs of the game and the game series. I don’t think that any games in the series have music quite as good as Persona 4. I’ll stand behind that fact.

This game is still one of my all-time favorites because it shows you the true meaning behind friends and what it means to share memories with people. Both Persona 3 and Persona 4 share this theme but I feel like P4 does it more justice as the series reached a wider audience. Even though it did get a re-release in 2012, with Persona 4 Golden, I feel as if this is one if not the best JRPG of all time.

This game means so much to me as it was my first Persona game and the game that made me into the stupid, ugly man I am now. I love this game and adore it with all my heart. The main reason why I enjoy this game over 1, 2, 3, and 5, us that I relate to the characters more. I feel like I’m a part of their rag-tag group. The other party members in other Persona games are great but I prefer the more light-hearted cast in Persona 4.

But remember that this is just my opinion, okay? Let’s not witch-hunt each other here.

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