The news comes from the official Temtem Twitter account that developer Crema has banned 900 players for cheating and abusing exploits. They have also double-checked many of the bans issued after people have appealed, but state that so far the bans have all been legit.

Something like this is inevitable as even Game Freak has battled for years against people who hack and cheat in Pokemon. With Temtem being an MMO, banning players who cheat is even more important as you don’t want people to gain advantage over other players. Cheating will be a growing pain for the developers to have to deal with but Crema and the rest of the Temtem team seem to be doing a good job taking care of this.

The story surrounding this game just keeps getting more interesting. News of this magnitude drops on the same day our early access review of Temtem hits the site. Be sure to check that out if you want to know more about the already stellar game!

Have you played Temtem? Were you one of those people who cheated in the game (hopefully not)? Let us know down in the comments section or on our socials?

Source: PlayTemtem Twitter Account

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