At the beginning of February, Pokemon Trainers were notified of the appearance of Max Raid Milcery available for a limited time to capture. What sets this pre-evolved Pokemon apart from the rest of the Gigantamax list is Milcery can be evolved using an assortment of items, with two new items not previously found in-game, and will have the ability to Gigantamax once it has evolved into Alcreime. Miclery can be randomly found in any Max Raid den on both versions. This comes as the current rotation is about to wind down to a new block. Sword players have a higher chance of catching Coalossus and Frapple, while Shield players have a higher chance of catching Lapras and Appletun. 

Lastly a new Mystery Gift code was published for 20 free BP! Good luck on your hunt Trainers.

  • SUPEREFF1CACE- 20BP (Expires on 03/30/2020)
  • AREAS1LVESTRE- 10 Premiere Balls (Expires 02/27/2020)
  • KAMPFTEAM- 20BP (Expires 02/28/2020)

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