Playing Course World in Super Mario Maker 2 is like opening a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get. And while that can be part of the fun, I wish the game’s UI did a bit more to scratch more specific itches. And you know what has a great interface for scratching very specific itches? Pornhub! So let’s put the ‘Jack’ back in ‘Jack of All Controllers’ as I tell you why the Mario Maker series has a lot to learn from the #1 porn site!

Mind you, Mario Maker 2’s UI isn’t terrible. You can still search by tags, popularity, difficulty, and so on. You can also choose between all time rankings and weekly rankings. This is all especially an improvement over the original game but I think there’s still a lot to be desired. As unlikely as it may sound, Pornhub of all places seems to guide us towards a solution to Mario Maker 2’s UI shortcomings.

Anything Mario Maker 2 does, Pornhub does better. Pornhub videos can be broken down by top rated, most viewed, hottest (I’m not sure what this means to be honest), and longest. And you can filter even further by seperating between all time, monthly, weekly, or daily. And you can even adjust the duration to get search results that fit your preference. Just being able to make the distinction between “most played” and “most liked” could do such a long way in Mario Maker, let alone the length the levels you’d like to play, and let alone everything else mentioned.

Another thing I want to touch up on is Pornhub allowing you to differentiate between professionally made vs homemade content. With professional level designers making their own Mario Maker levels all the time, it’d be nice to be able to find those kind of levels more easily.

In conclusion: Nintendo should just copy Pornhub next time around. That is all. Have a nice day