On November 15th, 2019, SIE (Sony Interactive Entertainment) acquired game studio Insomniac Games, who are known for series like Ratchet & Clank and Spyro. Seems like something a bit too late to report on. But, in an english translation of Sony’s recent quarterly security report, we found out some pretty interesting details about the acquisition of Insomniac Games.

By which I pretty much solely mean “how much SIE actually paid to acquire Insomniac.” The price set in the acquisition was ¥24,895M- converted to USD, that number skyrockets up to $229M. The interesting bit is that SIE apparently paid almost all of this in cash, whether that was upfront or after the deal was already made isn’t stated. Exactly how much of the money paid was physical yen is also unknown, just that it was the large majority of the money. After the acquisition, Sony recorded ¥18,080,000 ($165M when converted) in goodwill, and ¥6,794,000 ($62M converted) in intangible assets.


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