The upcoming Microsoft streaming service titled Project xCloud has previously been available as a preview for Android devices but starting today iOS users can try it out. Gamespot reports that this iOS preview client will only be available in select countries with US, Canada and UK which is different from the Android preview, the only game that will be available during this time is Halo: The Master Chief Collection. In order to participate in the preview Microsoft states you need the following with only 10,000 testers allowed for now be sure to check you met all the requirements

  • A Microsoft account associated to an Xbox Gamertag
  • An iPhone or iPad running iOS 13.0 or greater that supports Bluetooth version 4.0
  • A Bluetooth-enabled Xbox One Wireless Controller
  • Access to a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection that supports 10Mbps-down bandwidth, similar to streaming video.

“Ever since we launched the Project xCloud preview last year, we’ve continued to field requests for iOS support we’ve been testing an iOS client internally, and today, we’re taking the next step by making the Project xCloud preview available for iOS users through the TestFlight program.”

Source: Gamespot

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