Media Molecule’s Mark Healey has spoken to Metro about Dreams and its future.

On the topic of using a mouse and keyboard to create whatever gamers would like (as it would make life 15 times easier then 2 PS Move controllers), it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be happening right now but they know fans really want it. Healey states that “it’s easy for us to do that” but “just a case of whether we’re allowed to do that” which is a massive bummer since it seems like Sony blocked it in a sense since the studio knows everyone wants it and probably asked many times.

On the PlayStation 4 you can already plug in a keyboard, but we’ve had the request from the community for keyboard and mouse and it’s easy for us to do that.

‪So it’s just a case of whether we’re allowed to do that, I don’t know if there’s some Sony thing about it, about not using a mouse.‬

Mark Healey, Creative Director at Media Molecule

Moving to platforms, Media Molecule originally said that they’d like to see Dreams on PC. Unfortunately, that isn’t happening. In this case it seems to just be PS4, PS VR, and if the title is successful, we could see a PS5 release even (more then just backwards compatibility).

‪The key point is we’re treating this as a platform, it’s not a game. We’re gonna keep supporting and adding to it. And a lot of what we add to it is driven by what the community wants really, because they’re the life blood. Obviously, we’re focusing on the PS4 at the moment, but assuming it gains traction and is a success that’s an obvious next step [to put it on PlayStation 5].‬

Mark Healey, Creative Director at Media Molecule

Dreams is available now on PS4 and it will come to PS VR later this year. Read our review here.

Source: Metro

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