House House’s breakthrough hit Untitled Goose Game won Game of the Year at the 2020 DICE Awards, and unfortunately it’s sad to say that gamers have been pissing and moaning about this win.

Here are just a few examples of gamers showing they aren’t happy with the choice:

It’s really unfortunate when we can’t celebrate indies in this industry. Just because a title isn’t a AAA release doesn’t entail that love and care wasn’t poured into the game, in fact, many indies like Journey and What Remains of Edith Finch have tons of love and support in them from their developers and both have won numerous Game of the Year awards. It’s one thing to dislike an opinion, but to go as far as to say DICE’s credibility and legitimacy is to now be questioned is unequivocally unacceptable. It shows the distaste these players have for their medium and should appreciate what we have for games today.

VR, indies, and AA all have a spot in this medium, and yes, games like Kingdom Hearts III have a much larger production value and time spent developing it, however that doesn’t make House House’s effort any less fun. Untitled Goose Game was, personally speaking, an absolute joyride. In what other game can you go around pissing people off by taking their stuff and honking at them? It’s silly fun, and games should be fun at the end of the day, right? That’s the ultimate goal that we are aiming to achieve is something that brings us joy and happiness. I don’t know anyone who plays games to just sit around and apathetic towards.

I love gaming, but things are getting out of hand tenfold. Disrespecting the love and care that went into such a goofy game shouldn’t be down played. Just because a title is not a AAA shooter or some major title like Mario doesn’t make this any less important than another game.

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