Remedy Entertainment put out it’s financial statements release for 2019 to investors and it says a lot. Right off the bat revenue went up 57% citing the launch of Control and it’s critical acclaim. Highlights from the second half of the year include revenue going up, Control, and Remedy being part of the Crossfire presentation at X019 and confirming they will be developing a single player campaign for CrossfireX. Other highlights include a phase of growth strategy starting successfully, and two new projects preparing for pre-production.

Progress on the unannounced titles seem to be proceeding well. The third unannounced game seems to be making progress and the forth project Vanguard, has already reached the stage of having an internal playable development version of the game. The goal for Vanguard seems to be create a game that combines long term service-based multiplayer experiences with Remedy’s unique game mechanics. One interesting about Vanguard is it’s not on Remedy’s proprietary engine Northlight. Both games are preparing for pre-production right now so it’ll be a while till we hear about them.

Remedy credits the increase in Revenue to the launch of Control and development fees from working on Control and Crossfire. One interesting form of Revenue was Alan Wake sales. The publishing rights of the game reverted to Remedy, and royalty payments from other games had a positive effect of 2.5 million euros. The team’s headcount also went up to 248 full-time employees as they prepare for the future. Remedy expects to increase its revenue more, especially during the second half of 2020. Remedy seems on track to have a successful 2020 and we will be sure to let you know when those games get announced.

Source: Remedy

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