Sony is struggling to set a price for the PlayStation 5 because of expensive and scarce parts, the cost of manufacturing has gone up to about $450 per unit according to the Bloomburg report.

The reason for the $450 manufacturing cost is, as stated before, due to the scarcity of components. The components that Sony is worried about is the DRAM and NAND flash memory, these components are in high demand because of smartphone companies getting ready for 5th generation devices. Another thing affected by the shortage in these components was a planned mirrorless camera but due to said shortage, Sony had to cancel these features

Another component that’s unusually expensive in the PlayStation 5 is the cooling system, the cooling system this time around is “unusually expensive at a few dollars per unit when usually less than a dollar” according to the Bloomburg report. This decision is because Sony want to “spend lavishly to make sure heat dissipation from the powerful chips housed inside the console isn’t an issue”.

Sony has also said that they will wait and see what the Series X price is set at before setting an official price, they expect Microsoft will announce a price at E3 in June.

Sony also plans to release a new PlayStation VR headset after the PlayStation 5 goes on sale.

And lastly Sony has said that PlayStation 5 launch titles will also be playable on PlayStation 4.

Source: The Bloomburg Report

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