Xbox Game Studio’s Undead Labs is heavily expanding State of Decay 2. The “Juggernaut Edition” is what the developers are calling the update, and the game will be coming to Microsoft’s rival store, Valve’s Steam.

What the Juggernaut Edition includes is a revamp in graphical and audio quality, an expanded and overhauled tutorial, and includes previous DLC (making them free for all rather than paid). There is also a new map called Pacific Northwest, weapon classes, you want it, you got it.

For those worrying about not being able to play with friends with the upcoming Steam version, don’t fret. Steam, Windows Store, and Xbox One gamers all play together, they won’t be able to be separate thankfully.

State of Decay 2 is available on Xbox One and PC, the Juggernaut Edition launches on March 13th.

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