Jack of All Controllers was started by Ryan Baez, a passionate gamer that wants to help give gamers a pedestal in the industry so we can all advance in gaming journalism together.

We are also partnering with Nar/Tech Gaming, hosts of the PlayStation podcast Triangle Squared and we couldn’t be happier to have them on the team!


Ryan – Founder and Editor-In-Chief

About Me: I’m 19 from a seen it nowhere state called Connecticut. I absolutely love PlayStation, like, it isn’t even funny. Besides that platform of choice, my favorite game of all time is Astro Bot Rescue Mission and I also love Japanese games.

Twitter – @AlphaFoxWarfare | Twitch – Twitch.TV/AlphaFoxWarfare

Noah – Deputy Editor-In-Chief

About Me: I’m Noah, a huge Nintendo fan, and follow most of the industry. I primarily play on Nintendo Switch, but I also play on PC. I’m huge fan of almost all of Nintendo’s franchises, but I also really love Indies. My favorite games on the Switch include Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and Super Mario Odyssey.

Twitter – @nbh1883

Sol – News Reporter and Podcaster

About Me: 27 year old dude who’s been playing video games nearly all my life. I reside in Arkansas with three other good friends and we’ve created a YouTube channel called Nartech in which I’m one of the hosts of the ever growing podcast called Triangle Squared – A PlayStation Podcast. I’m primarily a PS4 player, however I also put a good amount of time into my Nintendo Switch, and various games on a PC I’ve built with gaming in mind.

Brett – News Reporter and Podcaster

About Me: 25, other half of Triangle Squared: A PlayStation Podcast alongside Sol and co-founder of NAR/TECH. Loved games since Boogerman on Sega Genesis but found my first obsession with Crash Bandicoot shortly after. PlayStation has always been my main but I dabble in PC and Nintendo.

Jordan – News Reporter

About Me: Hi I’m Jordan, 23 from Glasgow. I have always been interested in video games and mostly play PS4 and then Nintendo Switch! I am also a massive horror fan too!!

Twitter – @Jordan_440

Jackson – News Reporter

About Me: Primarily into Nintendo but I play all three consoles often. Favorite franchise is Super Smash Bros. and favorite game is Super Mario Galaxy.

Twitter – @ShxdowMewTwo

Johnathan – News Reporter

About Me: I’m 31 year old down to earth guy who was born and raised in Detroit and moved to Toronto. I love video games ever since I was little and as I got older I only loved games that has a social aspect to it. I write and stream to reach out to others and have fun at the same time. I specialize in Nintendo games and JRPGs.

Twitter – @MetalX2| Twitch – Twitch.TV/MetalX2

Charlie – News Reporter

About Me: My main interest is Nintendo, though I absolutely love PSVR. I own all 3 platforms, and hope to cover all 3 in various forms.

Twitter – @Augmc2

Nathan – News Reporter

About Me: I’m Nathan, I’m a 20 year old dude who has been playing video games for about as long as I can remember. When I’m not at home playing video games I’m usually out of the house playing video games at the local arcade or working on one of my own personal arcade cabinets. I’m generally more of a PC gamer but I have a soft spot for PlayStation as well. I currently reside in New Zealand and while I like a variety of games, my personal favourite genres are Rhythm games, JRPG’s, Visual Novels and the odd FPS game as well as arcade games in general.

Landon – News Reporter

About Me: I’m Landon, a high schooler in Texas. I’ve been a huge Nintendo fan ever since I got my first Nintendo system in 2007 and play a lot of games on my Switch but I also play on my PC. My favorite Switch games are Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Super Mario Odyssey, and my favorite game of all time is Super Mario Galaxy. I love RPGs, platformers and first-person shooters.

Twitter – @LandonSmith_06_