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Rewind: Super Mario Sunshine

Super Mario Sunshine is my personal favorite game of all time. While even I can admit that is mostly due to nostalgia, it was the first game I’ve ever played after all, does Mario’s adventure on the GameCube still hold up today or should it stay in the past? Let’s start off real quick with a plot synopsis. The Mario […]

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Nintendo patent shows hinged Joy-Con

A new Nintendo patent went public yesterday that shows a right Joy-Con with a hinge in it. While patents rarely do become a reality it’s very cool to see what Nintendo has been thinking of behind closed doors. If it does become a real product it’d be very interesting to see how it’s used effectively in games.

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Mini-Mech Mayhem Review

Developer:  FuturLab Limited Publisher:  FuturLab Limited Platforms:  PS VR Price:  $19.99 Reviewed on:  PS4 with PS Move Controllers and PSVR Headset Review Code Provided:  Yes, by FuturLab Limited While I […]