Xbox Game Studio’s inXile Entertainment sent out a patch today for The Bard’s Tale spinoff The Mage’s Tale. The game looks and runs better, as well as adds 3D Rudder support. Here is the entire changelog;

PS4 Pro Enhancements:

  • Higher resolution textures
  • Supersampling enabled
  • Higher quality particle systems


  • 3D Rudder Support
  • Additional button information for Resetting Camera and Player Position

Bug Fixes:

  • Collision fixes on certain stairs
  • Fixed issue with the Mine mystic ingredient when used with the Lightning Spell
  • Reticle is now correctly enabled by default
  • Fixed an issue that could cause interaction problems with certain buttons
  • Fixed issue with selecting spells when near walls
  • Fixed issue where a hand would sometimes become unusable
  • Fixed some missing environments
  • Ice Javelin no longer goes on cooldown when a ‘dropped throw’ occurs

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