Nearly 20 years after the release of the original Rune, Human Head Studios announced today that the sequel to Rune subtitled Ragnarok will just be named Rune II. You will be fighting some of Loki’s best minions in the savage, broken world of Midgard.

We’ve spent the last few years building a story-driven brutal Viking experience and evolving it with the help of our fan base,” said Human Head Studios Co-founder and CEO Chris Rhinehart. “Players return to Midgard with a sense of familiarity, but with new mechanics such as god-given abilities, open world events, crafting, a full single/co-op campaign, along with UE4 enhanced visuals, making it a true sequel to the original.

CEO of Human Head Studios Chris Rhinehart

Also, Epic Games flexes their financial muscles yet again by paying to make this game an Epic Games Store exclusive. It will launch in the summer on PC.

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