Out of literally nowhere, major PS5 details were announced by Mark Cenry, here’s a quick rundown;

PS5 began development in 2015.

PS5 will use a Navi GPU that support Ray Tracing as well as a 7nm AMD Zen 2 CPU.

PS5 will be backwards compatible with all PS4 games.

All current PS VR headsets will work on PS5, however there were hints of a next-generation headset coming that isn’t ready to talk about.

PS5 will support 4K as well as 8K.

There will be a massive overhaul to audio where it is being called 3D Audio.

It will have a physical Blu-Ray drive.

PS5 will have an insane custom SSD-like drive, to compare using Spider-Man PS4:

  • PS4 – 15 seconds using fast travel
  • PS5 – .8 seconds using fast travel

Cloud gaming will have a massive part of PS5’s life.

It won’t launch in 2019.

Source: Wired

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