Currently Nintendo Switch Online is a pretty bad value. $20 dollars a year for a subpar online experience, 40 NES games, cloud saves, Tetris 99, and very select voice chat via a phone app. Tetris 99 for me is what puts the most value into Nintendo Switch Online. I don’t think it’s anywhere worth $20 a year but Tetris 99 was the first time I felt like I got use out of my subscription. Luckily, in the Nintendo investor’s Q&A it was confirmed that we would get more experiences like Tetris 99 to help expand the appeal of Nintendo Switch Online.

Investor Question: The number of accounts with Nintendo Switch Online memberships has reached 9.8 million, but are there people coming and going? For example, are people joining to play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate or Splatoon 2 and then canceling their memberships, or joining just to play TETRIS® 99? Or, have most of them continued to be members once they have joined? I would like more details about the growth in account numbers.

Furukawa Answer: We recognize that the number of accounts that have subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online is increasing steadily corresponding to the pace that the hardware install base is growing. Naturally, not everyone remains a member, and there are cases where users joined during the holiday season and then canceled after three months. There are also new members who joined after TETRIS® 99 was released in February as an exclusive game for Nintendo Switch Online members, and others who have remained members because of TETRIS® 99. To expand Nintendo Switch Online even further, we need to continue offering elements like this, that highlight the distinct value of Nintendo Switch Online.


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