A week after a big industry acquisition of Psyonix by Epic Games, SEGA announced today that they have acquired Two Point Studios, the makers of Two Point Hospital. SEGA also announced that the studio is working on multiple unannounced projects that will be talked about in the coming months.

From the Press Release:

Following the acquisition, Two Point Studios becomes a wholly owned SEGA studio and a fully integrated SEGA Europe pillar, alongside Creative Assembly, Sports Interactive, Relic Entertainment, Amplitude Studios and HARDlight. Two Point Hospital will take its place alongside SEGA Europe’s other illustrious franchises like Total War™, Company of Heroes™, Football Manager™ and Endless Space™. The studio will continue to work on several exciting unannounced projects of which there will be more news in the coming months. For SEGA Europe’s Searchlight initiative, the ongoing task of seeking out the best new studios, ones that fit with SEGA’s ethos to deliver new IP with strong franchise potential, continues to gather momentum.

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