Update #2 – It’s launch day and guess what, Cross-Play is enabled across all platforms! Happy hunting!

Update #1 – Cross-Progression (known as Cross-Save in the PlayStation community) will be enabled across PS4, Xbox One, and PC on launch, but Cross-Play will be limited to Xbox One and PC for now.

The Free to Play monster-slayer game with over 3 million hunters in the year in beta finally launches on May 21st across PS4, Xbox One, and PC via the Epic Games Store.

With gameplay similar to Monster Hunter World, gamers should be absolutely in love with this title. The Unreal Engine 4 really makes this game a stunning visual showcase as well.

The game will support Cross-Play and Cross-Save as well as the ability to invite players across PC and Xbox One. As for PlayStation, the Epic Games published title created by Phoenix Labs will not support Cross-Play or Cross-Save as of right now. Given the relationship between Epic Games, with both Fortnite and Rocket League, it is safe to assume this game will gain support to play with others on PS4.

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