The Xbox One May update rolls out today bringing changes and improvements to your Friends, Messages, and your Games and Apps. The Friends List update will add icons next to your friends names that will let you know what platform they are playing on, whether it be Xbox one, PC, or Mobile.

Another update for the Messages will make them more sorted, prioritizing ones from your friends or anyone else you’ve communicated with, and sorting others from unknown contacts into a secondary tab. All previous group messages, however, would be lost and would need to archived.

Lastly, your Games and Apps that begin with “a,” “an,” or “the” will no longer be sorted by those articles. Instead, they’ll be sorted alphabetically by the following work in the title. For example, games like The Surge would be found in the “S” section and The Witcher 3 would be found in the “W” section.

Be on the lookout today for the update and check out all the new features.

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