Tactical team-based PS VR exclusive shooter Firewall: Zero Hour blew up last year when it launched for its Rainbow Six: Siege like gameplay in VR. Well today, Sony Interactive Entertainment and First Contact Entertainment announce Operation: Nightfall.

First off is a season pass for $9.99 which will get you new contractors right away, new skills, premium mission rewards, and so much more.

A new UI will absolutely make life so much easier. Everything is super upclose for everyone to clearly see “Contracts”, “Training”, alongside others. This is a lot simpler than it was before.

A look at the new UI.

New maps are also coming as well, 2 actually. The PlayStation Blog’s details on it are below.

Operation: Nightfall kicks off with the brand new map, Hangar, and a new Contractor, Ruby, who brings the Skill of “Thief” (ability to steal Crypto from enemy corpse). The map of Hangar takes place around a large military transport aircraft in a hangar in the heart of Malaysia, and is available to all players. Ruby, the Contractor, is accessible via the Op-Pass. Her Skill of “Thief” is available as a timed-exclusive to Op-Pass holders (after season wraps, the Skill becomes available to all players at Level 12 and with 12,000 Crypto).

Later on, players will see Operation: Nightfall’s mid-season update, which will introduce another new map (F.O.B.) and new Contractor (Lynx) for the season

3 new weapons will also come including the Richardson SG12 pump action shotgun.

The update lands on May 21st, free to everyone who owns the game. Read the full story here on the PlayStation Blog.


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