The Super Mario Maker 2 Direct has ended, and now is the time to discuss the giant amount of new information we received!

New to Super Mario Maker 2:

  • Slopes – A variety of slope options are available, with some being steep while others being gentle.
  • Angry Sun – Follows and attacks Mario.
  • Snake Block – You can determine its trajectory by drawing, and there are multiple snake blocks with different speeds.
  • On/Off Switch – Red and blue blocks swap, can be used in a variety of ways.
  • Seesaw – tilts left or right to Mario’s weight.
  • Swinging Claw – Grabs Mario and you can swing left to right by building momentum.
  • Water Level – You can adjust the water level in some courses. There are three different speeds to choose from, and you can even change the level of lava!
  • Custom Scroll – You can decide where you want the scroll to start and end, as well as the speed of it!
  • Vertical Sub-Areas – Now available, these allow a sub-area that can go up or down.
  • Scroll Stop – Stop the scroll and prevent a certain area of the course from being viewed.
  • Banzai Bill – 4 directions to choose from, new enemy. Red Banzai Bills have a homing function.
  • Dry Bones Shell – Lava can’t touch the shell. Gives the player the ability to play dead and become invincible for a period of time.
  • Big Coins – 10,30,50 coins now available.
  • New Sounds Effects – Many new sound effects have been added to Super Mario Maker 2.
  • Co-op – Now you can make a course with a friend on a single Nintendo Switch system.
  • Clear conditions – Now you can set certain conditions that the player must meet in order to beat the level.
  • Twister – Sends the player upwards with wind.
  • Red Yoshi – This Yoshi breathes fire!
  • Parachutes – Slow down the falling speed of anything it is attached to.
  • Boom Boom – New enemy, swings its arms and legs.
  • Story Mode – Mario sets out to rebuild Princess Peach’s castle. To do so, he has to face many courses in search of coins. Good for players trying to learn how an asset works. More than 100 original courses in story mode.
  • Moon – Now you can play your courses at night time! If you hit the moon, you can wipe a screen full of enemies! In the night, enemies and courses will act different.
  • 3D World – many assets that you cannot use anywhere else.
  • Cat Mario – New suit for Mario that gives him new abilities, such as climbing the flagpole.
  • Clear Pipe – Quick travel. Enemies can use these as well.
  • Crate – Make your own path! Can be used in water or on lava as well.
  • Warp Box – Warp to a new location, sometimes a room full of enemies!
  • Spike Blocks – Spikes come out and in every couple seconds. Can be used with the On/Off Switch.
  • ! Block – Long block, can grow quickly if you do a ground pound on it.
  • Blinking Blocks – Phase in and out, so the player must carefully time their movements.
  • Track Block – Follows a path created by the user. Red block goes automatically, blue block waits for the player to stand on top of it.
  • Mushroom Trampoline – Bounces the player up the air.
  • Piranha Creeper – Extends wherever you draw.
  • Skipsqueak – Match Mario’s movement.
  • Koopa Troopa Car – Drivable car in the course.
  • Charvaargh – Lava creature traveling in arcs.
  • Pom Pom – Ninja enemy, throws shurikens and teleports.
  • Browse in the lobby online for specific course types. You have a variety of custom options!
  • You can leave comments on courses you play if they are enabled.
  • You can download courses and play them anytime.
  • Everyone has a Maker Profile. If others like your courses, you’ll earn Maker Points!
  • You can customize your character in you Maker Profile with different hats and outfits you can collect in the game!
  • Endless Challenge – Play as many courses as you can without getting a game over! Selecting a difficulty will change the toughness of the courses.
  • You can play with up to 4 players online with players across the world.
  • You can also play with 4 players with network play on a randomly generated course. The first one to reach the finish line wins!
  • Each player has a versus rating, which will climb or fall depending on how you do when playing.

We here at Jack of All Controllers are extremely excited for Super Mario Maker 2 when it launches on June 28th, 2019! What are your thoughts about the game? Let us know and join the conversation on Twitter!


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