It is sad when companies start falling. As more and more games come out there is a massive amount of compeition to the point where your games just do not sell. Well, Starbreeze is in some shit to say the least. They are looking for funding to continue development of Payday 3 so they can bank off of that for other projects. Unfortunately, they aren’t having much luck so they might rely on selling IPs. Their contract with Skybound Entertainment was also terminated in March which was a big hit to Starbreeze.

From the report:

Starbreeze has already sold some of its assets, including the publishing rights to OtherSide Entertainment’s System Shock 3 and Mohawk Games’ 10 Crowns. In the report, the company suggested that it would sell further assets in order to secure more funding.

It also signed a deal with Universal for Payday: Crime War, a mobile version of its most valuable IP. Payday: Crime War is one of the few bright spots in an otherwise dark time for Starbreeze.

I really hope the future of Starbreeze is bright, since they’ve lost too much.


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