Today, Razer, the owner of Ouya, has announced that they would be shutting off this Android micro-console’s store on June 25th. Forge TV and the MadCatz Mojo stores will also shut on the same day. Razer also encourages you to download any games you want on this because once they close the store, that is it. There is no way to redownload titles to the Ouya.

As for funds on the console, you have no choice but to buy games or you’d lose your money as there is no way to retrieve it.

Released after a massive Kickstarter backing of over $8.5 million, this was one of the most prolific success stories in the history of crowdfunding. The 2013 launch saw modern success, however, the company soon become ridden in debt.

I realistically should say that the micro-console is dead and not just the Ouya, since when was the last time you heard about one of these things? The world of gaming is shifting fully to full blown consoles, mobile, and PC.

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