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As announced on the official Halo Twitter page, several of the MCC PC team members will be on 343’s Social Stream to discuss some news regarding the development process of the game.

Included with that will be what is regarded as a “show and tell” of what the Halo: Reach portion of the port will have to offer. This can be assumed to be screenshots or maybe even some slight gameplay, but we’ll have to wait till the event tomorrow to find out the full details.

Along with this, there will be a very large blog post coming this week detailing a lot of what has been going on behind the scenes since the original announcement. The blog post is said to be “22 pages and almost 6,000 words long” which means they’re likely going to be very transparent with us.

You can tune into the Social Stream tomorrow on at 1:30PM PST to find out just what they have to show. Hope to see you on stream!

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