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According to sources speaking to Jason Schrier, Blizzard was in the process of developing a first person shooter in the StarCraft universe but has cancelled it in order to focus on two other projects. These two projects are possibly going to be ready for an announcement at this year’s Blizzcon.

The sources say that the StarCraft FPS was codenamed Ares and would have you taking control of a Terran marine battling against enemy Zerg, with a potential to have playable Zerg implemented later down the line. This game was apparently seen as in quite a solid state by the developers.

The two projects that are now becoming the main focus of Blizzard in the years to come are the long awaited Diablo 4, as well as Overwatch 2. Diablo 4 will reportedly be a lot more social compared to other installments in the franchise, and Overwatch 2 is rumored to have a large PVE portion of the game that is Left 4 Dead-esque which is something that fans of Overwatch have been asking for since its release around 3 years ago. These are expected to be revealed at this year’s Blizzcon as the two largest announcements of the show.

We’ll keep you updated as we learn additional information.

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