THQ Nordic has revealed another one of their 80+ games in development – Darksiders Genesis.

A follow up to the previous Darksiders III, this game actually serves as a prequel to the first Darksiders game, in which you must play as the new horseman Strife and hunt down Lucifer, the demon king, and stop him granting power to great and terrible demons.

It looks like the gameplay is very Diablo-esque which has me intrigued to see more. A cinematic gameplay trailer can be seen here and the game is up on Amazon for Switch, PS4 and PC as of now, though it’s not yet available for pre-order and has a placeholder release date.

What’s interesting to note is that Xbox One and (maybe not so surprisingly) Google Stadia are also listed in the trailer as release platforms, yet no links for these are up on Amazon yet.

Google has their conference for Stadia in a short while, so we’ll see a bit more about what will be required to play this game on the streaming platform.

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